Japanese Trade Minister welcomes possible return of United State to TPP

Japan’s trade and industry minister Hiroshige Seko has welcomed hints by US President Donald Trump that America could rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement.

Seko told reporters on Friday he is aware that Trump attached conditions for returning to the pact, which the US pulled out of a year ago. But he said he welcomes Trump’s interest in the trade deal for the first time.

He said the Japanese government wants to confirm what the US president meant.

The Foreign Minister Taro Kono also said Japan that has no intention of changing the contents of the agreement as they were the outcome of years of negotiations involving the United States, saying he hopes the US will return to the pact.

The Minister said that Japan will continue to work to get the TPP signed by the remaining 11 countries in March, with an eye to bringing it into effect even without the US.

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